Marek vs. Wyshynski Podcast

Marek-vs-Wyshynski-640x360In Oct. 2011, I was without a podcast. PUCK DADDY RADIO ended, thanks to The Score going in a different direction. I was in talks with Hockey Night In Canada Radio to potentially host their daily show, so I reached out to Jeff Marek, who used to host the show, for some advice on whether to take the gig.


We got to talking. And talking. And talking. And finally, at the end of our conversation, he asked me: “Dude, what if we just did a podcast together?”


Later that month, in conjunction with Sportsnet and Yahoo! Sports, MAREK VS. WYSHYNSKI was born.


From day one, our mission was to offer something different. To bring our experiences as journalists and fans into the conversation, but to allow that conversation to take us wherever it leads. We’re not big on structure. We are big on those blissful moments of unpredictable mirth – like the day I discovered the Littlest Hobo was, in fact, a dog and not a precocious child – that are born out of our daily chats.


The podcast has consistently ranked in the Top 20 for sports in the U.S. and Canada on iTunes, and we’ve been blown away by the dedication of our listeners. We’ve had the honor of interviewing so many important people in hockey, from team executives to general managers to coaches to players; and we’ve been honored that so many writers and broadcasters take time to come on the air.


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